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Whats the Best Fit Side or Rear?


Rear Entry Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

The rear-entry wheelchair-accessible vehicle features a foldout ramp and has a lowered center cut area for the wheelchair. This offers more interior space, allowing for bigger wheelchairs to fit. However, the wheelchair cannot get to the front seat positions, meaning they cannot drive the vehicle or ride as a front-seat passenger.

Both entry types can utilize either manual or automatic ramps or lifts. Typically the rear-entry is the less expensive conversion of the pair.

Parking flexibility

Passenger Space

Less intrusive conversion


Ground clearance


Side Entry Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

The side-entry wheelchari accessblie vehicle is the more popular of the two options. It is a lowered-floor conversion, allowing for more headspace for comfortably fitting a passenger in a wheelchair into the vehicle. Side-entry vehicles typically have removable front seats, allowing the wheelchair user to ride in the front passenger spot or actually drive the van. They can house both foldout ramps and lifts or the infloor ramp, and a center cut conversion is available for the side-entry. Typically this conversion is a bit more expensive than the rear-entry option.

Wheelchair on the passenger side

Trunk space 

Easy for a wheelchair driver



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